Gary German Quotes:

Why did I start the Orion

“I started the company because I was paying over $300 in baggage fees for my family to travel via an airline. Plus my luggage for everyone was different, some old and some new. It just looked like we weren’t coordinated when we were traveling. Plus at the baggage carousel was always an ordeal, because all of our luggage looked like everyone else’s. What a pain it was that you would pick up your luggage thinking it was yours and it wasn’t”.

“I knew there were many folks around the world who had stopped traveling via plane because of the baggage fees. It just made this form of travel unaffordable to many of us with large families.”

“I wanted to do something that was a win-win for everyone.”

“So I knew that Hard-shell luggage was just coming out with a four wheel trolley system that made going through the long lines much easier. So why not wrap the luggage much like they do buses and cars. But I couldn’t have it wrapped like they do on buses knowing the wear and tear that luggage goes through. So I made it to where the image is burned into the plastic mold so it would not come off."

“Then I had to make sure we could personalize it like you personalize your devices (cell phones, tablets and laptops). This could make it easier for people to sell it to others. Your own favorite super hero, your favorite university, your favorite team sport, your favorite cool car, even corporate logos on one side of the luggage and an advertiser on the other. I did not want it to look like someone slapped a bunch of bumper stickers on the luggage so I went to develop a program where the sponsor and the advertiser could be in contact with each other’s graphic departments to come up with something uniform and natural looking (almost like they were meant to be together) at the same time making it look very cool and very informative."

"It worked! Everyone is happy, the sponsor, the advertiser, the consumer, the airline and even me!"

"It now is a piece of artwork! And a conversation piece. We did a walk through of 5 different airports and had an average of 30 people come up to us and ask us about the luggage. The luggage holder unbeknownst to him /her became a salesman without them even knowing they were. They actually like the notoriety!"

Orion not only wants to rule the skies with their patent pending Mobile luggage Billboard but also become the one stop, all-inclusive Travel Enterprise. Here is how we are going to accomplish this!

What is Orion going to turn into in 2017—what is on the Orion Horizon?

Orion will be introducing a Family Exchange Program called My-Casa-Ur-Casa, it will be patterned much like Airbnb. Except we are concentrating on culture, food, people, the country, the family and not the money. So with our program you will never see anything over $59 a night anywhere around the world. Because what we found is that people really want to know other cultures and visit and learn the landscape, the language as well as become friends with another family from another part of the world! The friendships that will last a lifetime will be built within our family based programs.

Orion will be introducing a global In Country Travel Guide-Travel Concierge program called “AHOY”. It will be a little like Uber but all the Orion Vetted Travel Guides will only take tips. They meet you at the baggage claim, pick up your luggage and take you to anywhere you wish to go. While you are in country they are yours and on-call 24 hours a day. Travel to great secrets of that country, museums, historical places, night life, and embassy’s, to your hotel and to ATM. They are knowledgeable as well as your own social expert. They only make money on tips so they will be trying their best to make you feel comfortable and welcome in the country you are traveling to. They can set you up with anything that is happening at that time that you are there, shows, events, to even locate that barn find! They will also make you feel at home!

Orion will be introducing an Online Booking Program that will be unlike anything that travelers have seen before. You will go onto our Orion booking site called ALOHA, from there fill out a form of travel information, a price that you are happy with to spend on different services like airfare, hotel, and rental car, tickets to amusement locals or plays. Those will be sent to our live (standing by) knowledgeable travel agents of over 10,000 worldwide that we have chosen ourselves to give you the best service on the planet. They will bid for your service based on price and services. You pick from four different agents recommendations. Then that travel agent is reachable by you via phone, Skype or email while you are on your trip. More to come!

The Orion Travel Mall, an online shopping center with some of the greatest travel gadgets the world has ever seen. Lots and lots to choose from. Orion Members get 5-20% discont for their next shopping.

Orion’s Smart Luggage set is a special two-piece luggage (20 and 28 inch) that will be built from the ground up with a built in scale system in kilos and in pounds, an on-board charging station for up to 4 devices, a GPS bluetooth locator system locate and track your luggage. It will sell for $299.00. Available for pre-orders from july 2017.

Orion’s Luggage covers -Both sides--pick from many cartoon characters, Marvel, DC Comics, corporate logos, Sports teams, Artists, Movies, Games, Universities, and fraternities and sorties. The Luggage cover will be available for pre-order on july 2017.


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