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The travel industry has always been segmented into small cliches. Orion Travel Tech fully intends to end that segmentation and allow you the freedom to find everything you need for your vacation or trip in a single place.

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We are redefining the travel industry worldwide by making travel fun again and bringing it all under one roof!”

So you don't have to spend countless hours trying to find the best deal or the best trip. We are bringing everything including the kitchen sink to you in one place.

If you (the traveler) have not allowed yourself to have a great experience with us then we have not done our job!

About Orion Travel Technologies, Inc.

We are the only one-stop-shop for everything travel. We saw a need in the travel industry that most consumers are confused, scared of getting ripped off, scared to even travel. So the founder Gary German, an avid traveler decided to come up with a platform that encompasses all things travel and make it fun again.

By putting everything travel under one roof and make easy and accessible by all that travel domestically or those who travel to other parts of the world.

We created our own travel ecosystem by starting offices around the world, creating and developing digital and mobile products that were easy to use and useful.

We created the first all in one Social Network for travelers that puts everyone together as human beings and not in social classes.

We also harness the global popularity of tourism in new light via 25 different classes. Our LBGT, Sports, Star Wars, Medical, Eco, Women only, Men Only, Cultural Un-divide, Music, Games, Disney, Military, even zombie tourism just to name a few.

We Believe in redefining, describing, illustrating what is amazingly possible

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Adventure Tourism

Sports Tourism

LGBT Tourism

Medical Tourism

Religious Tourism

Baby Boomer Tourism

Star Wars Tourism

Cultural Tourism

Zombie Tourism

Space Tourism

Eco Tourism

Military Tourism

Alien Tourism

Film Tourism

Disney Tourism

Gamer Tourism

Music Tourism

Vintage India Tours

Tibetan Monks Tours

Safari Wildlife Tours

Vintage Car Tourism

Vintage Ship Tourism

Treasure Hunt Tourism

Vintage Train Tours

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News | 29-April-2016

A worldwide study was done and it hinted that families wanted to do something different. They wanted to go abroad but they knew no one to visit. They wanted...

Events | 29-Apr-2016

Orion Travel Tech has constructed this portal to be a one-stop-shop for all travel needs to create a travel experience like no other. The new worldwide social...

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