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ORION Travel Technologies main objective is to become a one-stop shop for travel. We want to go revisit the past where the customer was the number one priority, when there was one-on-one relationships with knowledgeable travel agents and most of all, making travel fun again! With the ability of on-line bidding and booking, trust, wisdom and knowledge is lost. Travelers without that client to agent relationship don’t have that connection anymore and may fall prey to shifty deals.

Yes, customers may be able to get a cheaper price, but they will experience long layovers between flights, missed connections due to inefficient time for debarking and traveling to their next departing gate, arriving to their final destinations after hours, and having to arrive at odd hours where there are long lines at either TSA or Customs. Let’s not forget the large fees that airlines charge for baggage! Because the way the travel industry is falling behind on its customers today, ORION has an opportunity to showcase what we believe is the future for the travel and hospitality industry of tomorrow.

Many believe that one-on-one relationship with a travel agent is overrated. ORION Travel Technologies (ORION TT) plans to bring a positive experience back to customers and make travel fun again! From booking a seat to being safe, ORION will be there taking care of you! We build our own membership economically into our travel enterprise by implementing a very unique marketing program and creating an increase customer loyalty. By increasing our membership occupancy, we can now offer our entire customer base a one-stop-shop for travel.

What is Orion going to turn into in 2017—what is on the Orion Horizon?

Aloha! Orion’s very own booking engine portal

Our Aloha offers up to 14 different things to choose from when you’re booking your trip. Unlike other booking engines who offer only Airfare, trips, rental car, hotels and cancellation insurance we offer a gamut of great choices when traveling abroad.

Orion’s Aloha

Offers not only what the others offer we step it up a notch and offer a slew of great travel products. When spending more than US$300, Orion will give you a free luggage cover with the sponsor's campaign into it and one of our great designs

Aloha offers health and medical insurance along with kidnapping insurance and ransom Insurance.

We offer a sim card that is a real time roaming buster when you’re in another country. Just pop it in and its up and running without talking to a customer service person or attaching APN’s.

You can purchase a wide array of plans that allow full data-voice-and texts abroad and back to the states or to your designated country.

Orion’s Ahoy

It is your very own travel guide-concierge plus photographer while you’re visiting anywhere overseas or in the US for travelers from other countries? Our Ahoy employees are retired ex pats that reside overseas and whom reside here in the US. They know the language plus English. They know everything about the local terrain and where the best places are to hang out.

They are vetted by Orion’s Security team. Most love to just work and earn a little extra money but most of all they enjoy taking care of our guests. They are experts in every way and they are your special local photographer whenever you need a special shot to remember the moment they are there for you literally 24 hours a day.

Mr Gary German says: "When I traveled overseas I always wanted my own travel hero. I had a guy in Costa Rica, he charged my $50 a day, and I was there for 10 days. It was the best $500 I had ever spent."

"I was safe, he taught me Spanish, what to say and what not to. He showed me all the local hot spots not where the tourists went. He showed me where all the USA Ex Pats hung out. He also became a friend for life to this very day. It has since been 16 years since we met. I have recommended him at least 200 times to my friends."

Orion’s MyCasaUrCasa

Is our greatest achievement! It is a little like a student exchange abroad program but we don’t offer students we offer Family Exchange programs on short excursions of up to 14 days. We hook families up in the USA to travel abroad to stay with families all over the world.

Through our research we found out that only 91% of the US households don’t travel outside the US on their yearly family vacations. We also found that only 51% of all people who have a vacation coming to them each year never take it.

We want to change that. How, we have come up with a platform that is safe, inexpensive, fun, worthwhile, simple and most of all, a way for families to remember their experience for a lifetime.

They exchange all sorts of specialties from each other’s countries, food, cultures, even learning languages while away from their home countries.

We also offer families from other countries to travel and stay with USA families. We have an App and an online web site that is a little like but we match families together by their demographics, and their favorite things to do and the family size! Our specially designed algorithms matches families up to the tee. Our MycasaUrcasa Program makes families live out their dreams and also each family are usually friends for life after the experience ends-but it keeps going on and on because of the friendships.

Orion Travel Card

The prepaid card that gives it back for their users

Orion will give it away along with the purchase of the Orion's Smart Luggage Set with US$50 in credits. And also for who enroll with the membership program.

It can be used anywhere, it is rechargeable and it will build up rewards with Orion when purchasing from any of our stores.

It is a great solution for when you are traveling. It can be rechargeable, receive deposits and transfers, turning into a very special tool to assist the traveler in any needed situation during their trip.

We encourage our travelers to deposit US$100 monthly into the card as a Travel Deposit and after 1 year, you can take the vacation of your dreams buying one of our traveling package with your Orion Travel Card and build up credits for your next vacations.

Orion wants to change the travel industry as it is and let it be accessible to everyone.



  • Orion is a travel entity and enterprise
  • Orion has its own technology
  • Orion is review oriented
  • Orion is transactional
  • Orion is content driven
  • Orion is marketing and sponsorship driven
  • Orion can be seen all over the world in one day
  • Orion has fans, lots of fans
  • Orion has Patent Pending and US Trademark
  • Orion is Big Data Based
  • Orion is Customer Oriented
  • Orion has the opportunity to drive travel deals for its members - industry wide under open architecture
  • 1st Mobile Advertising Luggage Billboard
  • 1st Travel Advertising campaign to implement a customer Experience, a loyal customer, an true ARPA for under $50, a real conversation experience and word of mouth advertising happening in one campaign that travels the world in one day
  • 1st Travel Company to license top 25 countries with large media spending budgets
  • 1st Travel Ecosystem that fills every cup
  • 1st Travel Company to offer to pay for airline baggage fees
  • 1st Travel Portal for Travelers Only
  • 1st Travel Company that is sponsorship driven
  • 1st Travel Mobile Apps that customers actually use
  • 1st Travel Company to introduce an International Travel Guide at your disposal
  • 1st Travel Luggage that is personalized (Division)
  • 1st Travel Luggage that is given away (Division)
  • 1st Travel Luggage Company that actually has onboard charging system for devices (upgrade)
  • 1st Travel Luggage that has a self-charging system and onboard mobile Tracking system (upgrade)
  • 1st Travel Luggage that can weigh itself (upgrade)


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