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Wheel in your 4 wheel luggage now and get your Baggage Fees FREE on any airline plus $100 off the newest most innovative Interchangeable carry-on luggage in the world!

Witness the greatest buyback in the modern history of Travel!

$99.99 with FREE baggage fees and free shipping!

You get a brand new 4 wheel spinner Carry-on Luggage that is front and back image is interchangeable. You receive an Orion Gift Card for baggage fees. You receive 2 skins. Take one off and put one back on and Walla it’s a whole new piece of luggage. Each skin has a value of $30 each! This wonderful deal comes with free shipping and will arrive before Christmas day. A wonderful gift. Get this deal while quantities last! $99.99 with free shipping! Pick your skins now!

People all over America are finally throwing their 2 wheel luggage away with the advent of the Interchangeable luggage.

Orion Travel will unveil in 2017 a slew of licensed high gloss skins from tigers and lions to famous artists, to famous movie characters.

  • The Orion Luggage Super Package
  • 100 Shares of Orion Travel Technologies, Inc. Stock worth $5.00 each
  • $50 Baggage Fees Gift Card you can use with any airline or you can pay for anything on your trip
  • 2 free skins (savings of $29.99 each)
  • 1-20 inch interchangeable carry on Orion spinner Luggage (normally $89.99)
  • Free Shipping on Gift Card and on Luggage and Skins. ($15.00 savings). All Skins will be in your luggage with instructions on how to apply!
  • All pieces will be at your door in 10 days or less with a UPS tracking number that will be in your email!
  • We give you the opportunity to meet other travelers with our Letzgo travel hookup engine for free.
  • Tons of discounts as well through our group-on travel coupon program
  • We also allow you huge discounts when you book your entire trip through our partner, Hopper!
  • You will receive a great piece of spinner luggage that comes with a two year warranty. An $89.00 value.
  • We are only offering this to our first 600 folks who sign up for this unique flying experience!

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We are revolutionizing the travel industry overnight, offering top quality luggage with the fastest growing travel network on the internet.

Get Luggage!

  • Select this Skin (choose any 2 available skins)

  • Select this Skin (choose any 2 available skins)

  • Select this Skin (choose any 2 available skins)

  • Select this Skin (choose any 2 available skins)
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Orion is running circles around everyone with this package deal.

Quite honestly, nobody can even compete with the line-up we have been quietly building for the past year while everyone else did business as usual. We did our best to keep the grand-slam under wraps until we were ready to unveil the mega-network that is going to rock the travel world to its very core. We are going to be the driving force in travel. Combining quality luggage, mobile advertising, state of the art data centers for everything travel, our own airline, Orion airport lounges, right down to a network of services that only cater to your specific travel needs.

  • Orion Luggage 1
  • Orion Luggage 2
  • Orion Luggage 3

What other people, are saying about us?

I’ve had a chance to review this and you certainly get 5 Stars from me. The fact that I get top of the line luggage, as well as access to all of your networks awesome services is well worth signing up for.

Gail Nieder

This is without a doubt the best travel program to come across my plate in a long long time. I am telling everyone I know about this deal."


Looks great! Love the luggage variations, and especially the plans pricing. The ability to get as many as 6 pieces of quality luggage per year for under $20 is amazing. Thank you!"

Will Jessup

Thanks so much! Rated you 5 stars for the customer service, and it was a pleasure talking with you. I am astonished at this level of service and the products themselves, keep up the great work."

Allen Crawley

What's in it for me?

8 Reasons That you are missing out on a fantastic travel opportunity?

The Orion Family program offers:

  • Bagge fees paid on any airline.
  • Dedicated support system.
  • Amazing network of travel resources.
  • Sponsored freebies.
  • Travel social network that's second to none.
  • Tourism deals for everyone & every culture.

Become a member of the family today!

Our travel network is expanding rapidly, and you are getting in on the ground floor!

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