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Clinton-Trump Luggage Ready for Conventions



Clinton-Trump Luggage Ready for Conventions this Summer

The bumper sticker just got bigger! Orion Travel Technologies, Inc., is making a bold prediction for the 2016 White House race. Starting today, supporters of presidential hopefuls, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, can order a one piece, four-wheeled, hard shell, 20-inch carryon for only $39.95, which includes free shipping! Each of the respective campaigns will receive $5.00 for each sale. They can add the proceeds from each camp as a contribution or give it to a chosen charity. Delegates and Super Delegates from both camps will have the opportunity to carry something special as they travel to Philadelphia and to Cleveland. Supporters can purchase their candidates Carryon at

The luggage is not a wrap, as is usually seen on buses or cars. Instead, it is a graphic that is molded into the hard-shell plastic and will stay on the luggage forever. Each piece of luggage is a well-constructed piece of advertising and has a value of over $89.00.

The sale of the presidential campaign luggage will be conducted through the Orion storefront at Folks can order and their luggage will be delivered to their door by July 1, 2016. Free shipping and each candidate will get a campaign donation from us in the form of a PayPal pledge.

“I predict, that, 50 years from now, these pieces of campaign memorabilia will become very collectible,” said Gary German, President of Orion Travel Tech, Inc.

In a year that has seen a wild and controversial presidential race, these pieces of extraordinary one-of-a-kind Luggage are a great way to show your support as the national convention of each party opens in the summer. They can be used all the way to the presidential election in November.

“I can see the debates going strong as supporters from both camps strike a chord in airports all over the U.S. and around the world as people travel this summer,” added German. He continued, “We do not mean to upset supporters from any other viable campaign, but we found, through our BIG DATA Analysis Engine, that the two candidates who are likely to go into November are these two frontrunners.”

ABOUT ORION. Orion is a corporation based in Orlando, FL, with a patent pending mobile luggage ad platform, a social network for global travelers which is a one-stop shop for everything travel-related. Orion Travel Tech, Inc., prides itself on no more spending hours on the web looking for travel deals and other pertinent and live travel information. Get it all in one place without wasting your valuable time! and at

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