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Matching Travel Interests for Travelers, Worldwide



Matching Travel Interests for Travelers, Worldwide

With membership growing at an astounding rate, Orion Travel Tech, Inc., is the first travel company to give back to its members by offering free luggage sets when traveling on commercial airlines. Today, Orion launched its worldwide social network travel portal, called the “Orion Travel Portal,” to coincide with Orion’s patent pending free mobile advertising billboard campaigns.

Orion Travel Tech has constructed this portal to be a one-stop-shop for all travel needs to create a travel experience like no other. The new worldwide social network travel portal is an all-inclusive Facebook-style travel portal that is for travelers only.

The Orion Travel Portal offers its members the following:

  • Travel Tourism—Medical, eco, sports, religion, culture, LGBT, gaming, Star Wars, Disney, zombie, space, etc.
  • Orion’s inflight entertainment engine, Spot On!, allows everyone traveling to use current entertainment programs.
  • Orion’s Aloha, a live agent and digital booking platform offering 11 choices when traveling internationally,
  • Orion’s own in-airport information booths.
  • International ALL inclusive vacation home rental programs.
  • One-on-one mobile app called Ahoy! It is your very own personal travel guide, concierge, and photographer.
  • Orion’s own travel mall with the latest and greatest travel gadgets, international SIM cards, travel clothing, and Orion’s smart luggage with built in scales, mobile alert system, charging station, and mobile GPS tracking system along with Orion’s Presidential Campaign luggage.
  • Orion’s Belt, the first airport lounge that is free to all travelers!
  • Gilligan’s is Orion’s mobile games app for travelers—available in 32 languages.
  • Orion’s MySKY, a free hook-up for travelers while they are traveling.
  • Orion’s Strategic Travel Health, medical and ransom insurance for use while traveling abroad.
  • Orion’s charter excursions for those want different kinds of travel.
  • Orion’s MyCasaUrCasa for cultural travel to locations abroad. Stay with families anywhere in the world for only $59 a night.
  • Global live cams, translation app, 800 numbers to all global airlines, currency converter, embassy locator, live weather reports, travel gifts, Orion’s Travel Buddy Foundation, real time travel advisories, global entry, and TSA Quick Line.

“We found, through our BIG DATA analysis engine, that people were not using their paid vacations! The number one excuse given was they had no one to travel with. We found that it was hard to coordinate with friends and families, alike. So, we decided to make it easy for people all over the world, who have the same interests, to travel together while learning about each other’s cultures and ways of life by getting to know one another on our travel social network portal,” explained Orion’s CEO, Gary German.

ABOUT ORION. Orion is an international corporation based in Honolulu, HI, and Orlando, FL, with a patent pending mobile luggage ad platform, a social network for global travelers which is a one-stop shop for everything travel-related. No more spending hours on the web looking for travel deals and other pertinent and live travel information. Get it all in one place!

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